Artificial Intelligence will Predict Real-Time Signalling Failures for Indian Railways

The new system collects inputs at pre-determined intervals and sends information to the central system, thus detecting problems in real time

#IndianRailways is keen on adopting smarter technologies when it comes to detecting real-time technical glitch, something the fourth largest railway network in the world cannot afford to ignore.

Indian Railways has started remote condition monitoring of the signalling system, through the use of #artificialintelligence (AI) that allows it to predict signals failures in real time.

Currently, Railways is using a manual maintenance system and use the find-and-fix method to resolve issues.

“Now, we are introducing remote condition monitoring using non-intrusive sensors for continuous online monitoring of signals, track circuits, axle counters and their sub-systems of interlocking, power supply systems including the voltage and current levels, relays, timers,” a senior railway official involved with the project told media.

The new system collects inputs at pre-determined intervals and sends the information to the central system, thus leading to problems being detected on a real-time basis.

According to an official, the system will allow prediction of signalling asset failures, automated self-correction and informed decisions on intervention strategies, thereby helping to avoid mishaps.

According to the report, Indian Railways decided to test the system on two sections of Western Railway and South Western Railway on the Ahmedabad-Vadodara and Bengaluru-Mysuru sections. The system will then be extended further depending on the feedback received.

The system is currently operational in the UK.


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