33% Lower Watt Power is Enough Good Reason to Choose BINAY model Hi-efficiency QUADRA ‘ES’ PowerLED

The BINAY model HIGH-EFFICIENCY Low Wattage QUADRA ‘ES’ PowerLED Tube Light is designed as a retrofit replacement for the standard 36W fluorescent tube and provides performance at a 33% lower power consumption than competing LED tubes.

The unique factor of this product is that it achieves this performance at an extremely low power consumption of only 12W, using very high-efficiency LEDs. This is the most efficient power rating for LED tube lights in the market available today. While most comparative competitive LED tubes achieve a lumen output of 1600 lumens at 18W approx., the BINAY HIGH-EFFICIENCY QUADRA ‘ES’ PowerLED Tube Light is designed to 2000 source lumens at a 33% lower power consumption of 12Wthus achieving considerable power savings (apart from the much longer maintenance-free life). The light output performance is equivalent to that of the T-8 (1200mm) fluorescent tube.

The product is covered under a warranty of 5 years with an estimated life of 12-15 years.

For more information, visit www.binayLED.com


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